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Why Some Men Are Scared Of Women?


Yes, some men have a fear of women, and that fear is known as gynophobia. In fact, some men are specifically scared of beautiful women.

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Don't confuse fear with hatred. Men who hate women don't fall in this category. As phobias are more about fear, we're talking about men who are afraid of women for some reason.

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Such men may feel anxious when they are in the presence of women. They tend to feel nervous, and stressed out even if they have to actually talk to women. Here are more facts about this fear.


Fact #1

This fear falls in the category of social anxiety disorder. Like most of the other phobias, even this one shows some symptoms which are physical as well as psychological.


Fact #2

The person undergoing the fear may experience, nausea, sweating, fast heart beat and nervousness when he has to interact with a woman.


Fact #3

Some men even feel like running far away if they are asked to talk to a woman. Their biggest fear is to talk to a woman.


Fact #4

They totally avoid any kind of contact with women. So, they never prefer any kind of physical contact including lovemaking.


Fact #5

Psychologists say that the root cause of their fears could be negative experiences from their past. Maybe, certain situations have forced them to believe that all women are bad.


Fact #6

Even men who were abused by women in the past, experience this fear. Sometimes, even abuse by a mother figure could also be a reason. Even siblings or grandmother or any female figure who has abused a man could be the reason behind the fear.


Fact #7

In fact, even an abusive disciplinarian teacher in the school may also be the reason behind the fear in some men.


Fact #8

Another reason could be past relationships where one was terribly abused or cheated upon. Such experiences make a man lose trust in women. And when the relationship was psychically abusive too, it develops into a phobia. Health experts suggest therapies or counseling to overcome such fears as one needs to maintain healthy relationships with others to live peacefully in the world.

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