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Revealed: Hidden Secrets Behind Love And Lust

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If you wish to know about the actual biochemistry that leads to a relationship then here it is: T+E+D+O+V= Love. What does it even mean?

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Well, be patient. T stands for testosterone, E is Estrogen, D is Dopamine, O is Oxytocin and V is Vasopressin. All of those make you fall in love! Seriously!

And yes, pheromones play an important role in helping you choose your love. Yes, sometimes, even the smell of that person turns you on. Dopamine excites you, oxytocin makes you feel attached and vasopressin makes you loyal to that person.

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And then, when you sleep with that person an orgasm gives you the real high. Many studies have concluded that hormones and various neurotransmitters play a role in binding you to your partner. Now, grab a cup of coffee and read the rest...


Fact #1

In the first stage, both testosterone and estrogen play an important role in searching for an ideal partner.


Fact #2

And then, dopamine comes into the picture. Once you find someone, your mind thinks of nothing else but that person. You crave intensely for that person and forget about eating and sleeping. That's dopamine acting on your system.


Fact #3

And then you feel a high in that romantic phase. That's dopamine which gives bliss and Noradrenaline which makes your heart beat fast.


Fact #4

Why rejection hurts? Well, when all these chemicals suddenly vanish, the high is gone and you tend to suffer depression. Studies say that the craving for love is much intense than the desire for sex.


Fact #5

Why do some men become womanisers? Well, they get addicted to that high and crave for it in one relationship after another.


Fact #6

Why do you try to find faults in your partner after marriage? Well, soon after the effects of dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline and so on diminish, you tend to get back to your normal stage and try to find faults in your partner.


Fact #7

But why do some relationships last? Well, in strong relationships, all other chemicals may vanish with time but oxytocin stays back creating attachment. That's passionate love. And with every hug, attachment grows. And then, when the relationship grows, endorphins make you feel good.


Fact #8

What makes a man feel attached to his woman? Well, it is Vasopressin. It makes him feel like protecting his woman and providing for her. He tends to be loyal due to this chemical. Now that you have understood what's making you roll on bed during sleepless nights, enjoy your life to the fullest!

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2016, 8:13 [IST]
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