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What Does She Do When She Misses You?


Men wonder what women do when they miss them but this question doesn't have a general answer as not all women are the same. And then, many other factors like age, education and occupation also play a role in this aspect.

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Generally, teenage girls tend to be restless and emotionally attached to their boyfriends. But as a woman matures, she may deal with the same situation in a different depending upon her situation.

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Putting aside all such things, let us just speculate what any woman does when she misses her boyfriend for some reason. Read on...


She Hugs A Pillow And...

She may hug the pillow and roll on the bed restlessly. In fact, even those moments are sweet moments in love.


She Watches Romantic Movies

She spends the whole day watching romantic movies. It gives her a high as she imagines you as the hero in the film.


She Keeps Checking Your Facebook Profile...

Yes, she may keep gazing at your profile picture for a long time and may also feel like checking out your profile several times in the day to see if there are any updates.


She Talks About You Everywhere

She eats everyone's head talking great things about you. If the relationship is very special to her, she will keep giving updates to her friends.


She Spends The Whole Day Thinking About You

She spends the day thinking about you and wondering what you would be doing in that part of the day.


She Reads Your Old Texts

She will spend the whole day reading all the old text messages that you have sent her with love. So, all the love that you have poured in those texts works well in such situations.


Daydreams Future

She may also go a step ahead and start daydreaming about a beautiful future with you. She may also think about marriage and kids.

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