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Why Humans Crave To 'Own'?

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We all know the fact that human beings tend to have 'hoarding instinct' which makes them store valuables or accumulate riches. But human beings also have a tendency to 'own' certain things.

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When it comes to relationships, all of us feel like owning a partner though we never admit it. Yes, when you come across an exceptional human being, that too, when you are in the right age, you tend to feel like marrying that person.

This act of marrying someone actually comes from that instinct that makes us 'own' something that we really fall in love with.

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Well, we aren't saying that it is good or bad but let us take a look at several reasons why we feel like owning a human being in the name of 'marriage'.


Reason #1

When a man or a woman comes across a person who seems to be a rare person with special qualities, he or she wishes to ‘own' that person through marriage.


Reason #2

When a man or a woman has experienced many failed relationships, he or she can't control the desire to own a person, who seems to be a very compatible person.


Reason #3

In some cases, even old age could cause that feeling. Those who are unmarried till 45 tend to be anxious about their old age and marriage. That is when they wish to own someone through marriage.


Reason #4

Some people are totally materialistic. They have materialistic reasons to own someone. Such people tend to have a desire to own a trophy wife or a husband. For them, a wife or a husband is also a status symbol.


Reason #5

Some people get deeply attached to their partners. That attachment makes them feel like owning that other person through marriage.


Reason #6

A kid never allows you to touch his toys as he feels that he owns them; in the same way, a man or a woman doesn't want to share a life partner with anyone. This could be one reason why they wish to own a person through marriage.


Reason #7

In some cases, people just want a sense of belonging and this could be a reason behind trying to own someone through marriage.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 9:18 [IST]
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