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Is He Just A Buddy Or A Bed Buddy?

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A buddy is a friend. He or she is someone who hangs out with you, shares many things and spends enough time. He or she will be a support system to you in times of necessity. Friendship is great. But what if your cravings suddenly surface when your friend is around? Well, you can't sleep with a friend, right?

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Well, that is why the term bed-buddy came into existence. A bed buddy is exactly that. He or she is a friend plus also your companion in bed. Both inside and outside the bedroom, he or she is a friend.

In such relationships, all regular benefits of friendship will be there plus the added advantage of physical intimacy. And the best thing is, there will not be the regular problems of a relationship like arguing, sulking, dominating, taking revenge, feeling jealous, pulling each other's legs and breaking up.

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Firstly, you won't have an attachment with a bed buddy. He or she is just there to serve a special purpose in your life while being a friend. There is no emotional bond but there is an understanding without special expectations.

In such relationships, there are no commitment issues or other complications; maybe that is why this trend is catching up. Without getting into the debate of the unhealthy side of this trend, let us discuss certain signs of such relationships.


You Feel Like Calling Him Home When Nobody Is There

When your whole family is out of station and you are home alone, you generally call your college friends to have a drink at home. But if you feel like calling only 'him', that too when you are not really interested in starting a relationship with him, then you could be thinking dirty.


You Never Miss Him Much Except When You Are Taking A Shower

When you touch yourself while taking a shower, you imagine him touching you everywhere though you don't have any love towards him.


You Never Have To Pretend With Him

You can be straight forward with him and you never feel like showing affection to him. You don't pretend at all.


You Are Comfortable Talking Dirty With Him

This is the best part. When you talk dirty, your boyfriend might start judging you. But with a bed buddy, you don't have to think twice before talking about filthy stuff that gives you kick.


You Openly Ask Him To Massage Your Shoulders

When you are tired and stressful, you tend to feel free to ask him to come home and massage you till you relax. Now, that's what bed buddies are there for.


You Never Feel Jealous When He Hangs Out With Other Women

You seldom care about what's happening in his life and you don't even bother about whom he hangs out with. That's because you don't have any intentions to start a relationship with him and you don't own him.


You Openly Ask For What You Want

With a life partner, some women can't be open about their dirty cravings. But with a bed buddy, you can tell where you want to be touched and how long you ant to be jolted with energy.


After Your Desires Are Fulfilled, You Casually Move On....

When your fire comes down and thirst gets quenched, you seldom make any calls to him and he too never clings to you much. But yes, the friendship would be still there without any other expectations. And for the world around, you are just friends. Nobody will even suspect what you two do inside closed doors.

Well, though all the above points seem to portray such a relationship as exciting, reality isn't always like that especially if you end up choosing an abusive, violent, clingy and black mailing bed buddy who will bother you even after your marriage. So, be careful before you get washed away in the tsunami of physical desire!

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