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What Happens If You Look At Other Women

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If you are reading this, then you must be a man who stared at other beautiful women when you are out on a date with your girlfriend. Well, why did you do that? You dug your own grave! Now, read on...

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Basically, it is quite natural to look at other women. Your eyes tend to wander when a short skirt passes by. But the whole issue starts when you get caught looking at someone else.

Your girlfriend would hate that habit. Inside her mind, she even gets the idea of strangulating you. Of course, would you like it when your girlfriend checks out a muscular hunk who gets into the coffee shop with a sweaty T-shirt?

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You would suspect her, right? You want a woman who has eyes only to look at you but you want to check out all angels on this planet? Now, that's a ridiculous idea. Read on...


She Might Feel Terribly Hurt

Firstly, any woman gets severely hurt when your eyes wander right under her nose. And when a woman is hurt, her love towards you may surely decrease.


She Might Say That She Too Will Check Out Other Men

If she utters such words, can your heart bear the pain? Well, be ready to hear those words before your eyes wander.


She Will Take A Break

If a woman doubts your integrity, she may quickly take a break form the relationship to reconsider her options. Yes, she may walk out soon.


She Will Take Revenge

If she is a smart woman then she will wait for another day to take revenge. Suddenly, she will slap you for some other silly reason though its actually a revenge for staring at other women.


She May Feel Insecure

Once a woman feels ignored or cheated, she may feel insecure in the relationship. And then, the countdown begins....for a breakup!


She May Breakup

Once a woman gets a feeling that you are a womaniser, she will simply break up. She knows pretty well that there are plenty of other faithful men on this planet.


She May Become A Man-Hater

She might think all men are like you and may start hating men. This will turn into a very big social problem as she may start ill-treating all men including her brother and father. Don't be a reason for such a big issue. Be a gentleman and give your hundred percent attention to the most beautiful girl that is sitting in front of you waiting to listen to the voice of your heart. All the best!

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