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Why Did She Take A Gap?

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A gap isn't a bad thing, sometimes. Yes, you can always take a small break in your relationship and it is healthy too. So, don't be insecure if your boyfriend or girlfriend says she needs a few days off from the relationship.

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No, she isn't running away from you. It is just like a detox period and it could be necessary sometimes. Some men worry a lot when a woman says she needs a break.

Is she bored of me or is she trying to get rid of me? Or is she seeing another man? Well, these are the doubts that could arise out of insecurity. If you trust love and if your heart is filled with genuine feelings, you will never be betrayed because love is a rare thing and every man and woman know how precious it is.

So, nobody will betray you if your love is pure. And if someone betrays you even if your love was pure then its good that you got rid of someone who doesn't value love.

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But frankly speaking, there are several healthy reasons for taking a break from the relationship occasionally. Here are they.


She Is Confused

Sometimes, confusion could be the reason. If she isn't clear about where life is heading and what she is doing in the relationship, she may need a break. Let her gain clarity. Leave her alone for a few days.


She Needs Space

When she is overwhelmed with the demands of the relationship, she might need some space too. Give her the same as she may again get frustrated and throw it on you if you don't allow her enough space.


She Wants To Know Whether Its Lust Or Love

Sometimes, lust confuses us. When you desire to sleep with someone it could look like love to you but it could be lust. There is nothing wrong in lusting someone. But gaining clarity is good; so, to know whether its lust or love it is better to take a gap.


She Is Testing You

Maybe she is just testing to see how many days you could live without her. If that is the case, send a text to her occasionally saying you miss her. You will pass the test.


She Wants To Figure Out Future

Maybe she is calculating the future with you. For that, she needs some free time. Maybe, she is wondering how her future would be with you. Let her calculate. Give her space.


She Is Analysing You

After a lot of observation, you might need some time alone to analyse a person. When you do so, you tend to go into the memories of that person and revisit all sweet incidents and painful moments of the relationship to finally get a picture about a relationship. That requires some time.


She Just Needs Some Rest

Sometimes, the reason could be simply hectic schedules and fatigue. When she is tired, maybe she doesn't want to deal with anything except taking some rest. Let her do that.

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