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Why Love After 35 Makes More Sense


Age is awesome. Yes, it is a fact that life would be better as you age. Those who don't know about this, tend to worry when they start ageing.

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When you're young, you know very less about the world but you tend to make more noise. But as you age, you will know more but will make less noise or no noise at all. That is because you gain clarity about what you want from this life on this planet.

When you know what you want, attaining it would be easier. Also, your behaviour undergoes many changes with each passing year only to make you a better individual. Your company will be pleasant and your selfishness will decrease. You tend to become kind and friendly towards others and you can become a shining example to the youngsters around.

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Now, read on to know why love after 35 makes more sense.


Your Love Isn't Skin Deep Anymore

In your teens and your twenties, you tend to consider only the looks. If your girl is hot, you would choose her so that others around you would envy you. Also, you would crave to sleep with good looking people at that age. But after 35, you will have most of your crazy desires fulfilled. So, you would want a great partner; not just a bedroom buddy.


Your Judgment Will Be Better

When you are young, all your thoughts are influenced by your private parts. But after you cross 35, you will start using your head to take relationship decisions.


Your Arrogance Will Come Down

Youth and arrogance go together; that's natural. And hormones are to be blamed for your wild behaviour back then. But now, you are a mature man who knows how to be gentle. That makes you a great partner.


You Are A Better Person After 35

All your life experiences and failures tend to make you a better person after 35. Also, you tend to be interesting in any conversation after much experience.


Your Love Making Skills Will Be Better

When you are young, breaking the bed was your only aim but with age, comes grace in love making. You will give more importance to pleasing your partner than showing all your strength.


Your Peace Making Abilities Will Be Better

Young couples fight more. Mature couples know how to make peace very quickly as they can look beyond the moment.


You Care Less About The World

When you are young, you tend to worry much about what your friends or family would think. But after 35, your focus would be more on your happiness and that is the time when your choices are better because you are not here to give an explanation to anyone about your relationship choices. So, just keep enjoying life.

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