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Benefits Of Letting Her Drive


Men love riding and driving. So, they always crave to sit behind the wheel. And when it comes to riding a bike, they would love to race on the roads by playing with the accelerator.

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But you know what? Sometimes, you must let her take the driving seat. Especially, if you recently fell in love with a date, you must request her to ride your bike and you need to try sitting on the backseat when she takes you for a ride.

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Are you wondering what you will gain by doing this? Well, you will enjoy a very rare experience and you will also get the high of your life if you are sensitive to every little touch that happens on the way and every single opportunity your bike gives you to fall on her. Here are more such benefits...


You Can Enjoy Her Fragrance

When you ride the bike and she sits at the back, you won't be able to sniff her. But when you let her ride, you will have the golden chance of sniffing her. Do you know the fact that some women emit a natural fragrance that can turn on a man? Well, try this out secretly.


You Can Put Your Hands On Her Waist And Enjoy The Ride

If she allows, you can happily place your hands on her waist. Well, if you were given a choice to catch the handle bar or her waist, which one would you choose? Her waist, right? Then go ahead.


You Can Take A Selfie

When she's driving and you have nothing to do, what else can you do? Take a selfie as it is a rare moment and a sweet memory.


You Can Make Her Laugh

When you don't have to drive or focus your attention on the traffic, you will get enough time to think of a joke that makes her laugh. Women love sense of homour. Try that.


You Will Know About Her Driving Skills

Do you have plans to marry her? Then study her driving skills as a woman's management abilities show up in her driving manners. If the ride is stable, pleasant and smooth then it could mean that she can handle your home efficiently.


You Can Escape Her Constant Chatter

If your girlfriend is a chatter box who never stops eating your head, then making her drive would be a solution. When she has to constantly focus on the road, she may reduce her chatter.


You Can Strengthen The Bond

A ride can increase the physical intimacy between a couple in the starting stages. Strengthen the bond by enjoying the 'high' every time your body touches hers during the drive.


It Is A Sweet Memory

You will remember those moments for a lifetime especially when a lot happens in the drive. You can do many naughty things on the way especially if she is driving.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 7:20 [IST]