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Why Love Is Like A Drug

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The nervousness you feel, the confusion that clouds your mind and those uncontrollable emotions that flood you- everything can be scientifically explained! You are in love! And yes, it's like a drug!

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If you have ever wondered why you feel like giving your everything to that person, then you may need to understand the scientific side of the addiction known as love.

Yes, love is a drug and it turns into an addiction. Is it good or bad? Well, it depends upon the person you are in love with. Good relationships elevate your life whereas bad ones throw your life in a gutter. So, before you get into that addiction of love, it is better to gauge the person first.

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Love is the highest goal of your life if you have landed in the right person's lap. Scientists and artists have always wondered why love acts like a drug on the system. And here are some insights...


Reason #1

Your brain has both rational and irrational sides to it. As love springs from the irrational side which is associated to your so-called heart, you never feel like thinking twice when you fall in love. Yes, love is blind!


Reason #2

When scientists observed the brain activity of people who are in deep love, they discovered that bliss overtakes a human being who is in love. One single tough or a mere thought of the loved one can elevate your moods in a jiffy!


Reason #3

Why can't lovers think clearly? Well, scientists say that the frontal cortex in the brain seldom works properly in people who are in love. That cortex is responsible for rational thinking and decision making mechanism.


Reason #4

Even if you see the picture of your loved one, all doubts criticism and anger vanish. Scientists say that certain parts of the brain are switched off when love ignites your heart.


Reason #5

Why do you feel like praising your loved one always though there are negative aspects in him or her? Well, the rational side of your mind gets clouded when you are in love. You get into a playful mode and don't feel like looking at her bad side at all!


Reason #6

Also, the parts of brain which control fear tend to stop working when you are deeply in love with someone. That is why people in love go to any extent and fight with anyone to win in love. In fact, that is what all love stories in films are about!


Reason #7

Scientists say that even cocaine and other drugs have a similar effect on brain and maybe this is why they call love a drug.


Reason #8

The feel-good chemicals which release in your brain when your loved one kisses you create joy, euphoria, desire and therefore, it becomes an addiction. Now, you must have understood why you feel good when you are in love! You are in heaven indeed!

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2016, 8:56 [IST]
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