Shocking Ritual Practiced In India!!

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India is a country with too many rituals and practices being followed. Some of the practices are not acceptable in the society, yet they are still being followed. One such disgusting practice being followed is about tossing babies from above onto a cloth, which people hold on the floor.

Shocking Ritual Practiced In India!!

Here, in this article, we are about to share details about this shocking ritual that is still being practiced in India.

Shocking Ritual Practiced In India

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The babies are not thrown from any short height, but are thrown from a 50-feet tower!

50 ft tower

This bizarre ritual is practiced in a few villages of Maharashtra and in some parts of Karnataka. The strange part is, it is followed by both Muslims and Hindus! After all, people don't mind maintaining unity for such wrong practices!

 bizarre ritual

In this practice, they pick up toddlers and toss them down the building! These babies are caught using sheets and bedspreads held by other villagers.


baby thrown

This bizarre practice is done by the parents who visit a Shrine with the hope of getting pregnant!


When the child lands safely, the crowd celebrates wildly and passes the baby to his/her mother.

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According to sources, this practice has been going on since 700 years and even though there have been protests that this practice has been strictly banned, still there have been events of the same that are known to be taking place even till this day!

 this practice

Though the locals were successful in banning this ritual, it returned much to the frustration of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.

 banning this ritual

Amidst all this chaos, have you wondered why is it even practiced? Well, the logic behind this bizarre ritual is that when the infant is thrown from above, it would bring good luck, health and prosperity to the child!


This ridiculous ritual is a sheer example that people need to be more educated and aware of the things happening around them.


Check out the bizarre video of babies being thrown! And we want this absurd ritual to be put to an end FOREVER, once and for all!!

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