Myths About Pubic Hair That You Should Not Believe

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There are many facts and myths in this world. It is upto us to believe them or not to. Here, in this article, we are about to share a few myths about pubic hair that you should not believe in.

Don't Believe These Myths On Pubic Hair

These are the myths that are far away from truth and people have been following them even before finding out whether they are true or not...

 wondering why pubic hair

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If you're wondering why pubic hair? Then, it is for a reason, as these hair strands not only protect our private parts from certain harmful bacteria, but they also provide cushioning.

Find out more facts and the unwanted myths about pubic hair. Check them out...

Myth #1: It Wards Off STDS
The reality is quite the opposite! Pubic hair acts as a breeding pool for bacteria if not kept clean. Researchers have proved that alarming amounts of bacteria are present in pubic hair.

It Wards Off STDS

Myth #2: It Ruins Sex Life
Many assume that pubic hair leads to less friction between the sheets. Hence, having a clean shave is important. The fact however is it just depends on a person to person's contact, and having a bush down there does not ruin ones sex life!


It Ruins Sex Life

Myth #3: Colour Of Pubic Hair & Hair On Head Is The Same!
It's not true! If you are keen on finding out the exact colour of pubic hair, then check your eyebrow colour, as it is just the same, except that it is more thick and coarse!

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 Colour Of Pubic Hair & Hair On Head Is The Same!

Myth #4: Full Bush Is Not Attractive!
This is a total call on a person's choice! Though it is not attractive or hygienic to see a bush down there, few studies have proved that it is one of the biggest turn ons for a few! We let you decide!


Full Bush Is Not Attractive!

Myth #5: Pubic Hair Is Ever Growing!
Whao! This is is interesting! The hair stops growing when it reaches a certain point. It stops its growth when its length is between 0.5 and 2 inches. After this, it will shed and the new ones will grow.

Pubic Hair Is Ever Growing!
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