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All That You Need To Know About Nipples

We wonder how many fingers would have clicked this article after reading its headline! We are surely not going to disappoint you, but instead guide you with some of the facts that you should know about nipples.

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The word "nipples" raises many brows! Social sites like Facebook ban pictures that have nipples and all this because they feel it is against the culture to show nipples.

Well, let's not divert from the topic, as we are here to share about some of the actual facts about nipples that we ought to know.

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Some of these interesting facts about nipples can clear your doubts, while a few can make you think or check on your own nipples to find out if the fact is actually true!

Check them out...


Fact #1

Nipples are present even before the sex organs are formed in the womb! Isn't it amazing?


Fact #2

They come in different shapes, colours and sizes. It's all normal to have pink, brown, dark, big or small nipples.


Fact #3

The coloured skin around your nipples is known as areolae. It can be extremely light or dark. Its dimension also varies and dime size is the most common one!


Fact #4

On the areolae, there are areolar glands that are present. Though they can secrete a little bit of fluid, there's no functional purpose to them. So, that makes us think why is it even present!


Fact #5

There's hair present around the nipples. And sometimes it is what people are more scared to discuss about, especially the women. But, do not worry, it is absolutely normal.


Fact #6

Did you know that running in a long race can make your shirt chafe your nipples to such an extent that it can bleed? Yes, unfortunately this can happen!


Fact #7

Changes in your nipples can be a sign of breast cancer! Crusting, scabbing, hardening of the nipples, etc., are few of the signs of breast cancer, which you must make sure to get checked.

Therefore, dear readers, learning about nipples is also quite important than just looking at them as a sexual arousal object!!

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