This Man Asked His Friend To Rape His Wife!

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Though the world cries about rape and fights to get justice for it, there are a few idiotic people out there who change our mindset. For instance, a husband who asked his friend to rape his wife!! These are the people who make us doubt on humanity!

A Man Asked His Friend To Rape His Wife!

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Here, in this article, we are about to share the case of a man who asked his friend to rape his wife and the reason will simply shock and make you say WTF!

A Man Asked His Friend To Rape His Wife!

Check out the most disgusting thing this man did and the reason for him giving away his wife to his friend will just boil your blood.

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Find out more on this incident that happened in India...


Where Did This Happen?

This incident happened in a small town in Haryana, India.


What Happened?

A man name "Raju" had apparently had a deal with his friend for a chicken biryani and a bottle of whisky!


He Could Do This For Just A Meal!

Raju loved chicken biryani and he could not afford and hence, he asked his friend to lend some money for it. But his friend had a different deal in store for him.


What Happened Next...

He bribed him with a whisky bottle as well and the man agreed to let his friend have sex with his wife of 4 years!


She Resisted...

She tried fighting back when the husband's friend tried to rape her. It was of no use, as her own husband kept pushing her towards his friend, while all he did was to enjoy his drink and watch his wife getting raped! How outrageous!!


We Wonder Where Moral Ethics Just Disappeared!!

This case makes us wonder where the world is heading to and how can somebody forget their own relations for the sake of something as silly and small as a chicken biryani! Currently, the case has been registered against the husband and his friend. And we hope they will be royally served!!!

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