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Ever Wondered What The Difference Between A White & Brown Egg Is?

By: Rima Chowdhury

What do you prefer eating? Brown egg or white egg? Some people prefer consuming white egg because they look clean, while others prefer brown egg because they look simply loaded with proteins. Here we shall discuss the difference between a white and brown egg.

Difference Between A White & Brown Egg

While some others say that white eggs are quite nutritious than brown eggs, some consider brown eggs tastier than white eggs. 

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We have covered about all the untruth that revolves around the concept of white egg and brown egg and would discuss the actual difference between both the types of eggs that are available in the market.


Actual Difference Between The Two
Brown or white egg is just the colour, and there is no relation with the chicken who laid the egg. Some people are fool enough to believe that the brown egg is given by a chick who is brown in color while the white egg came from a white coloured chicken.

Actual Difference Between The Two

But besides that caveat, a white egg or brown egg can make for the same amount of proteins and nutrients, and they are equally delicious like other food items.

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The only visible difference when you go to buy an egg is the shell colour. The difference between the shell colour of the eggs is determined by the colour of the hen's earlobe. The nutritional value of the egg is affected by the chicken's diet, which is true in the case of white as well as brown eggs.

Ever Wondered What The Difference Between A White & Brown Egg Is?

Whether brown or white, birds who are not good in health might give eggs which are low in nutritional value. Despite the difference in nutritional value, eggs taste same and also carry the same cooking characteristics.

How Did Brown Eggs Come To Be Famous?
The hype of the brown eggs rose when the number of brown eggs was less than the number of white eggs in the market.

As it is said, things that are low in number have the highest value in the market which turned to be true in the case of brown eggs. Later, people started to find out ways to fill the niche of selling brown eggs in the market.

One large egg contains 72 calories and 6 grams of protein along with some healthful unsaturated fats which are same in the case of white egg or brown egg.

How Did Brown Eggs Come To Be Famous?

The difference comes in the price where brown eggs are sold with a higher price as compared to the white eggs. It is said that white eggs are given by chickens with white ear lobes while brown eggs are hatched by hens that have red earlobes.

Chickens with red earlobes are big in size, and their feed requires more than that compared to the white ear lobed chicken. Due to the difference in feeding among hens, brown eggs are priced higher than white eggs.

Are White Eggs Different From Brown Eggs?
Chicken with white ear lobes are medium in size and also their food does not cost so much, which leads to more production of white eggs in the lower price. This allows the grocers to store more of white eggs than the brown ones.

egg white

If the egg shell, nutritional value and also the taste of both the eggs are same, why do farmers produce brown eggs?

The answer is - there is still a source or production of brown eggs where people prefer eating brown eggs due to the common myth; "brown eggs are the best". A small difference in production of an egg can lead to such hype in the market. But, as per nutritional content both white eggs and brown eggs are beneficial and have the same properties.

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2016, 18:12 [IST]
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