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Scientific Facts About Female Orgasm

Sometimes facts kill our curiosity and they help expand our knowledge. However, facts about the "big O" will always gain our attention! Here are facts about female orgasm that might just make you learn something new about a woman's body.

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Learning about the facts of female orgasm is something that can always be a boon and we here at Boldsky are just about to share this with you!

Check out some of the scientific facts about the female orgasm that most of us are not aware of, as this topic is considered a taboo to talk about and most of us are rather shy to discuss what goes on in our body!

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Whether you're enjoying a little time by yourself or having fun with your partner, orgasms are a pretty great perk of the human body. So, learning about the facts of orgasm is quite important, as it helps to satisfy your partner to the best!

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Now have a look at these interesting facts about female orgasm.


Fact #1

Women can have sleep orgasms pretty much anytime! A research has proved that upto 37% of women have sleep orgasms and this is something that they do unintentionally!


Fact #2

Women are able to experience multiple orgasms when compared to men. This is because women don't have a refractory period upon reaching an orgasm.


Fact #3

Do you know that only 25 percent of the women have orgasms during an intercourse? Well, most of the time women fake their orgasm, as they do not reach their climax, while their partner would be struggling to finish the act!


Fact #4

Do you know that some women have orgasms while they exercise? Well, they do and this condition is also called "coregasms". They aren't just reported during core exercises but also during yoga or running sessions as well.


Fact #5

"Nipplegasms", this is a term that is self-explanatory! Researchers have found that nipple stimulation activates the same brain regions as that of the clitoral and vaginal stimulation points. Isn't this strange and weird?


Fact #6

Women can have premature orgasms too, which means that they reach orgasm before they would like to, at least occasionally! Yes, we know this is a rather confusing state to be in, ladies!

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