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What You Won't Know About Women

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Men and women are same in many areas but different in a few other areas. For example, men and women are wired differently when it comes to experiencing every aspect of intercourse.

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This is why men's orgasms differ from that of women's. A woman might need more time to get aroused and certain other things to reach orgasm but most of the men don't know much about this subject.

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Putting aside what makes a woman reach orgasm faster, let us discuss more about certain other facts that men don't know about women. In a recent survey, many women opened up about a few things and let us take a look at them.


Fact #1

In a survey, a majority of women said that they tend to perceive men who smell good as attractive (irrespective of their looks!)


Fact #2

A majority of women admitted that they feel aroused when they think of their favorite foods; not when they think of their husbands!


Fact #3

21% of the new moms who participated in the survey admitted that they didn't wait for 6 weeks to have fun with their husbands in spite of the doctor's advice.


Fact #4

Nearly 30% of women admitted that they find it tough to experience an orgasm. Maybe, men need to learn more about female arousal.


Fact #5

Nearly 12% of the women admitted that they had 'fun' in their workplace with a male colleague.


Fact #6

78% of them agreed that wearing high heels helped them make their back look more appealing.


Fact #7

35% of them said that they have injured themselves when trying weird methods of 'self satisfaction' when they are alone.


Fact #8

Almost all of them admitted that sex is better than a sleeping pill. Falling asleep is more easier after a romantic session.

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