10 Things Every Man Should Try

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A dull boring life can surely be spiced up. When you do certain things, the quality of your life tends to change. When you fail to take action, the quality of your life misses.

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Every man shaves or grows a beard but that isn't enough to make your life beautiful. Will a gym membership get you satisfaction or working hard and achieving stardom or status get you satisfaction?

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All of the above are necessary but there are a lot more activities that can make you feel that life is worth living. Without good human relationships, your success will mean nothing and without success, your human relationships may not be harmonious.

So, strike a balance and read this list of things to do.



Without falling in love, understanding love and feeling the depths of love, you may not be able to appreciate the beauty of life. Love is not just the male-female attraction; it is more than that and when you realise this, your joy of life just increases.



Having someone to make love is healthy. Every session gives you the release and reminds you of your place in this universe.



Without building something, a man might lose his manly skills. Use your hands and work on something. Whether it is building a career, house or even a small table for your kids, enjoy the kick of creating something out of nothing.



Only travelling can expand your mind's horizons. You will learn new things when you are in a new place, filled with new people. Invest some funds on travelling and you will never feel bored with your life.



Read a lot; literally read everything about your favourite subject and become a master in it. You will soon become an authority figure in it.



Even if you are not a writer, keep writing your thoughts and ideas in a notebook. Words are powerful and writing helps you channelise your focus on your ideas. Just try it.



Do you know that your mind releases some feel good chemicals when you care for someone? Whether it is your old parents or a pet that needs shelter, just show some care without being selfish and see the difference.



Yes, even donating something to others gives you a kick. Many people don't know the fact that nature designed us to collaborate and exist in symbiosis; when you hoard your wealth, you may live in fear; start sharing just a small portion of it, and you will feel blessed.


Fight Fears

All fears, whether they are imaginary or real, freeze you from actions. When you fight fears, your freedom just becomes limitless.


Calm Down

When you are young, you may think that real strength is in aggression but when you mature, you tend to calm down and realise that real strength is in silence and peace.

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