8 Interesting Facts About Dogs

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We all know how pets, especially dogs keep us happy. In fact pets heal us. Many studies claim that pets can prevent depression and relieve you from stress. They share our joys and sorrows. You will never feel lonely when you have a pet dog with you.

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In fact, a dog is the only close friend of a man. Dogs can understand your feelings and moods. They try to keep you happy in every way.

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Once you start living with a dog, you will change the meaning of unconditional love in all the dictionaries of the world.
Dogs don't expect anything but are fiercely loyal to their masters. They value a human being more than anything else in the world. Now, let us know more about the cutest things on this planet.


Fact #1

Your pet dog has a nose that is nearly 10,000 times more efficient than you. That is why dogs can sniff anything faster.


Fact #2

Research says that the DNA of a dog and a grey wolf are almost identical. That is why some breeds of dogs resemble wolves.


Fact #3

Your dog doesn't sweat like you. He sweats only through the nose and the feet.


Fact #4

Do you know your dog sometimes looks into your eyes? Well, just like humans, even dogs try to read feelings of the other by looking into the eyes!


Fact #5

Some studies say that dog became man's best friend more than 30,000 years ago!


Fact #6

Dating surveys claim that women would fall easily for a man who flaunts a cute dog!


Fact #7

If you feed your dog with a chocolate, your dog's health may suffer and in rare cases, he may even die!


Fact #8

Even dogs are intelligent. They can gradually understand more than a hundred words just like your 2 year baby.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 8:19 [IST]
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