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Shocking Facts About Women

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We know many facts about women, but there is a lot more to know. Yes, women are still a mystery. We all know that women are emotional, they love shopping, makeup, chocolates, clothes, ornaments and gossiping.

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Today, women are more educated and are earning more than men in many fields. A survey says nearly 19% of the women in today's world are earning more than their partners. Women cry nearly 30-60 times a year. The average woman speaks 20, 000 words a day.

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Well, those are just basic facts that we knew since long. In this post, let us discuss something which is totally new to us.


Fact #1

Women recover faster than men post breakup. Men sit and brood and waste a lot of time feeling depressed after they're heart broken but women quickly start a new life.


Fact #2

Though women love a muscular man who looks like a sculpted stone, they would prefer to marry a chubby guy who looks normal because they tend to feel self conscious walking with a man who looks too handsome and perfect.


Fact #3

In a recent survey nearly 70% of the women confessed that they would get into a secret affair if they think they can get away without being caught!


Fact #4

A study says that the sweat drops from the under arm of a man when applied on the lips of a woman, it promotes relaxation, boosts moods and also regularises her monthly cycles.


Fact #5

Do you know when a woman perceives her man sexy? Not when he is lifting weights in the gym but when he's cooking in the kitchen!


Fact #6

A study reveals that the body odour of a man who eats garlic can turn on a woman. Generally, women find the smell attractive, intense and masculine.


Fact #7

While men spend much of their time thinking about sex, women spend much of their time thinking about makeup and their appearance!


Fact #8

Women feel good when men ask them out; even if a woman doesn't like to go out with a particular man, she still gets a high when a man asks her out.


Fact #9

Nearly, 30% of women never reach their orgasm but they never admit that to keep their spouses happy.


Fact #10

A study says that men and women cannot be 'just friends'. They just hide their desire and feelings inside them just to ensure that the friendship isn't spoiled.

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