Don't Ask Him These 12 Questions...

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Men generally hate to face certain questions. Certain aspects do make men feel uncomfortable and asking silly questions about them would irritate them. Though being straight forward or open in any relationships is important, asking intruding questions isn't advisable.

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Of course, intruding questions can have different meaning to all of us and on the other hand, many of us think that in relationships both the partners should be open about everything.

So, what are those questions that guys hate? Read on to know more...


Is Your Ex Beautiful?

Any question regarding his ex is intruding question to him. It is better not to ask such questions.


How Much Is Your Salary?

Wait till he openly brags about his earnings. If you ask him before he feels comfortable with you, he may think you are planning to exploit him or estimate his financial strength.


Do I Look More Beautiful Than Your Ex?

This question exposes your insecurity and men tend to get impatient when they sense insecurity in women. In the eyes of men, every woman is uniquely beautiful and therefore, he can't compare you with anyone.


Is Your Mother A Good Human Being?

He loves his mother. So, you must conclude that his mother is a good human being. Don't ask questions about her.


What Are Your Financial Plans For The Future?

This question makes him feel like a fool if he doesn't have any plans at all. Let things unfold naturally and he will give you a clear picture if he is serious about you.


When Are You Planning To Buy A House For Us?

This question may make him feel as if you are trying to separate him from his parents. He may feel offended.


Am I Growing Fat?

If you ask him even when you are slim, he may get irritated. Even if you are getting fat, he would not like to answer such a question.


Are You Thinking About Your Ex?

When he is silent, there could be many other issues in his mind. He isn't thinking about his ex. So, don't ask this question.


Do You Watch Porn?

Digest this fact. Men do watch porn but if you ask such a question, his reaction could be unpredictable because he may feel conscious.


Will You Give Me Your Monthly Salary If I Plan To Marry?

He will never marry you after hearing this. He will try to run away from you.


What Do You Like In Me?

He likes you that is why he is with you. Yes, he too doesn't know why he is with you. Or maybe, he likes your figure. But he can't tell that openly to you. So, refrain from asking this question.


If I Am Ugly, Would You Have Loved Me With The Same Intensity?

If he is a smart guy, he would say yes. But what if he is a straight forward guy who simply admits that he fell only for your looks? That would upset you right? So, why ask such questions?

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 2, 2016, 4:31 [IST]
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