Do Girls Love Bad Boys?

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Men men wonder why girls don't like nice guys. Do girls like only the bad boys? Well, no. Only a few of them love the bad boys. In fact, this pattern of preference is more seen in young teenage girls. As they grow up and understand life, they tend to prefer gentlemen; not the bad boys.

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In fact, it is only a small percentage of girls who would fall for boys with eccentric traits. Firstly, they perceive those wild boys as exciting, mysterious, rebellious and confident.

A study claims that generally girls who want protection and who want to be taken care of tend to fall for the so-called strong boys who would fight the world. A study says that it is just a passing phase for teenage girls.

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Generally, a girl who has a strong father, or a childhood hurt, of a girl who is thrill seeker would generally choose bad boys during teenage. Now, let us see why bad boys look attractive to them.


They Seem To Be Genuine And Straight Forward

Young girls are not looking to date saints. They just want someone who is adventurous and seem to be genuine and courageous.


They Have Self Respect

Nobody can mess up with bad boys- why? Well, they fight back and that may look like they have self respect.


They Are Unpredictable

Yes, you can never be able to guess what your bad boy is going to do next. This unpredictability may give teenagers thrill.


They Give Attention

Bad boys don't hesitate to give some attention to girls as all that they want is a girl's attention in return.


They Are Ready To Do It Anytime

Most of the bad boys are just waiting for that secret adventure with a nice girl. This makes them look sexually attractive.


They Are Brave

As bad boys take risks and can pick up a fight with anyone, girls would love to date them when they're still young.


There Is No Room For Boredom

Whether it is inside the bedroom or on an outdoor date, bad boys seek thrilling experiences and the girls with them would love that.


They Are Strong

Generally bad boys are strong. They are not the ones who gets bullied. In fact, they are the ones who fight back the bullies. So, this strength is seen as an attractive feature.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 28, 2016, 5:35 [IST]
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