Why Men Don't Moan

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We all know that women moan on bed. But why don't men moan? Firstly, let us understand why do anyone moan.During a steamy intimate session, two people are busy expressing their love towards each other. The sole aim of such a romantic act is to give pleasure and derive pleasure.

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When the pleasure reaches its peaks, women generally start moaning. You know what? It works like a signal to a man because he would generally feel happy that he is doing something right in the course of offering her pleasure.

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When a woman moans, it actually inspires the man. It also gives a man a better idea about how she is feeling. It enhances pleasure for both the partners. So, when moaning has so many benefits, why don't men moan? Let us take a look at the reasons.



Men fear that their masculinity may be doubted if they moan in bed. So, they control their tongues even when they are offered lots of pleasure.



Men can't multitask. So, they fear that they may lose focus if they keep moaning on one side while working hard on the other side.


They Feel Conscious

Yes, men to feel shy and men too would have inhibitions. They may feel conscious if they start moaning.


Lack Of Expereince

Inexperienced men don't know that the aim of lovemaking is not to show off one's masculinity. It is more about expressing love. So, such men don't know that there is nothing wrong in moaning if you feel like moaning.


Social Norms

They think it is against the social norms to moan. Of course, we have never seen men moaning; so we may wonder how society perceives us if we start moaning.


They Think Women Wouldn't Like It

This is another fear. Men wonder whether women would like it if they moan. Well, such things can be sorted out if you have an open discussion with your partner.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 23, 2016, 5:02 [IST]
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