Facts About Accidental Orgasms

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What are accidental orgasms? When an orgasm occurs suddenly without any stimulation or apparent reason (because of some other factors) then it would be called as an accidental orgasm.

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They suddenly happen to some women though there is no primary stimulation. Without an intention and without any active stimulation these accidental pleasures do occur rarely. Well, how do they occur? There are two types of accidental stimulus- one is physical and the other is emotional. 

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The physical stimulation could occur accidentally when certain objects rub against private parts when one is busy in some other activity. The emotional stimulations could occur when one is having a wet dream. Now, let us know a few more facts about accidental orgasms.


Fact #1

Research says that riding a motorcycle may cause an unintentional orgasm in some women. The reason could be the heat from the machine or the vibration of the engine.


Fact #2

In some, running or walking fast could cause this kind of an unintentional orgasm mainly due to the tight clothing rubbing against privates.


Fact #3

A small percentage of women do experience wet dreams, say estimates. Such dreams could cause accidental orgasms.


Fact #4

Some women report that intense meditation may sometimes arouse them. This could be because of the free flow of energy that occurs inside the body due to meditation.


Fact #5

In some women, certain images or thoughts or words trigger an orgasm instantly. The images or words could be something romantic or in some cases, just weird ones that have no meaning.


Fact #6

In some cases, women suffering from hormonal issues or neurological issues may also experience accidental orgasms.


Fact #7

Persistent genital arousal could also be a disorder in some. They experience accidental orgasms most of the time without a reason.

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