Surprising Facts About Smiling

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We all know that a smile is pleasant but there is more to a simple smile. It has some health benefits and other benefits too. But still, we are too lazy to smile without a reason.

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We tend to look for a reason to smile. We tend to long for good news or a happy incident to smile, but in fact to simply smile and enjoy all the benefits it offers, you need no reason to smile.

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In fact, a smile is a unique gift given only to the humans by the nature. Even dogs seem to smile but we still don't have scientific evidence that says animals smile at all. Now, let us know about certain facts about smiling.


Makes You Healthy

A smile makes you a better person and a healthy person. Many studies say that a smile affects your health as it releases endorphins in your brain making you happy.


It's Contagious

Just like a disease, a smile can spread from one person to another. Smile at someone and you will see the other person smiling back at you!


You Will Look More Attractive

Many studies say that smiling women get partners easily as they tend to look attractive. A smile will enhance your beauty.


People Will Perceive You As Friendly

When you smile, others will perceive you as a good human being and a friendly person. This will enhance your relationships.


Life Span

Many studies indicate that smiling people and happy people live longer. A smile doesn't cost you anything; keep smiling and live long.



In any social situations, a smiling person will attract more people and frowning people tend to repel everyone. Therefore, smile at everyone when you go to a party.



As your smile indirectly affects your happiness quotient and overall satisfaction in life, keep smiling!

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Story first published: Sunday, March 6, 2016, 17:14 [IST]
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