Things Not To Say In Bed

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Certain things that you do in the bedroom may ruin the mood and may also spoil your relationship. As romance is a sensitive issue, it is better not to utter certain words that may invoke anger.

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Also, when you are busy 'playing the game' in bed, it is better to silently enjoy and let yourself carried away by the tsunami of pleasure. In such a romantic mood and ecstasy, it would be foolish to say certain silly things. It would spoil the experience of both of you.

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But of course, some men mature only with age and this is why they tend to make such silly mistakes when they are too young. Read on to know what not to say when you are busy making love to her.


"Is This Your First Time?"

This is among the worst questions to ask in bed as nobody would be comfortable to disclose their sexual past.


"Wow...Not Bad, You Are Better Than My Ex"

If you compare your current partner with your ex, you will lose all chances of winning her heart.


"Yes, My Friend's Guess Was Right, You Are Awesome In Bed"

Some men discuss about how good or bad a woman could be in bed. But if you reveal the same to your partner, she feels very bad.


"Haha...You Look Funny Naked"

Laughing at someone's appearance could be the worst sin ever. Never ever do that as you will never be respected.


"Haha...You Are Too Fat To Be On Top"

Even if your partner is obese, you can't laugh at her and say such things on her face. You will either be slapped or denied all the pleasure that you carved for.


"Hey, Even Your Sister Likes To Touch Me There"

Even if you are close to your wife's sister, mentioning her while in bed may raise doubts. Your wife will suspect both of you.



This line reveals that you watch lots of porn and trying to imitate the porn stars. Not really a good image to create.

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