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Bra Mistakes Every Girl Makes

By Rima Choudhary

We women take special care and precaution while selecting clothes, but do we take the special care while purchasing a bra? Yup, now that's what this article is all about and these are the bra mistakes that girls make often.

The bra is one of the essential garments of our wardrobe that sticks to our body for a prolonged period of time.

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Women are making a lot of mistakes from purchasing a wrong kind of bra to keeping it properly in the wardrobe, everything seems to be so difficult for us.

However, wearing a well-fitted bra is just not enough; you should also take essential steps to avoid these mistakes while wearing a bra. Check more on the bra mistakes that girls should avoid making RIGHT NOW!


Choosing A Bra

Most of the women choose a bra with the help of its cup size, which is actually wrong. You should choose a bra according to the numerical brand size because cup sizes are directly related to the brand size. Cup size is not an accurate size because sometimes you may need a D cup size of a particular brand, while you may need an E cup size of the other type of brand.


Wearing a Bra That Is Too Small

Many women think wearing a small bra can help to suppress their breasts and make them look good, but the fact is wearing a small bra can actually lead to sagging of the breasts and also disturb the shape of the breasts.


Improper Fabric

You may think laces, satins, and synthetic bra materials may look sexy; but the fact is, these bras are good to be worn for a one-night party only and not on a regular basis. For regular basis, you should choose a bra that has an easy-to-go fabric and the one that allows your skin to breathe freely. A cotton bra is just made for this purpose, as they are easy on the skin and also allow the skin to breathe freely. These days, there are more prints and colours introduced in the cotton variety.


Using An Old Bra

Hanging on with an old bra can be one of the biggest mistakes that might affect your body tremendously. No matter if you have a favourite piece of the bra, but it is very crucial to throw away your old bras and buy new ones. The old bra does not give you proper attachments and fitting; instead buy a new piece, so that it can hold your breasts at the right position.


Seek Advice

There is an attendant who helps you while choosing the right size of bra. Avoiding the advice can be one among the common mistakes, as there are chances that you miss an important piece of knowledge. Accept the fact that the attendant is there to help you and she has much more information than you, and hence it is always good to listen to her advice.


Wearing Bra Two Days In A Row

There are many girls who wear their bra two days in a row, which should be avoided. Allow the bra to rest for a day, as it helps to regain the lost elasticity. Another important thing to remember while washing a bra is to wash it in cold water, as it helps to keep the elastic fresh and tight.


Inappropriate Bra Setting

Women just do not want to accept the fact that a particular bra size does not, or is not going to, fit them. They are ashamed and feel awkward to speak openly about their bra size. If you are not sure about the size, ask the attendant to measure the size using a measuring tape.

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