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Bizarre 'First Night' Rituals Of An Indian Wedding!

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From drinking "Haldi wala dudh" to having a white bedspread, there are many such bizarre rituals and practices that people follow on their first nights, especially in India; and we are here to share all about them...

There are plentiful ceremonies and rituals that go around during the wedding season, which makes the couple feel exhausted by end of the day. But, having some prolonged after-wedding rituals definitely makes a couple feel even more tired.

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Find out more about some of these bizarre and weird practices that people still follow in India. We're sure some of these would totally surprise you...


Glass Of Milk

Drinking a glass of milk is the most common ritual that is practiced during the first night. The bride and groom share a glass of milk to replenish their energy for their first night.


Sharing A Paan

As per the ritual, the bride and the groom eat a paan. This is to keep their mouths smelling great for the rest of the night. Ewww! We wonder who would want to kiss or even get closer to a person who has just had a paan!


Virginity Test

This practice is still done in some parts of small towns in India. The couple are made to sleep on a white bedsheet and any one relative tends to check the bedspread, the next morning. The soiled bedsheet is considered to be proof of a bride's virginity. This is one of the most bizarre first night practices that people still follow in India.


Soiled Bedsheet Is Worshipped!

When the bedsheet is soiled after the first night, it is considered that the girl is a virgin and hence, it calls for a grand celebration! To add on, the bride's mother-in-law then worships the soiled bedsheet before giving it for a wash. We wonder what happens if the bedsheet is not soiled!


Kaal Ratri

This is a wedding practice that is followed by Bengalis. The newly wedded couple is not allowed to consummate their marriage on their first night. They are not even allowed to look at each other. The bride is suppose to meet her family the next morning and assure them that she is going to spend the rest of her life with her new family. Only then the couple is allowed to meet.

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