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A Banyan Tree Is Under Arrest In Pakistan For 100 Years

There are so many strange things that happen in the world and there are a few which do not have any logic. Here is such a case where a banyan tree has been chained in Pakistan for years!

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Check out the reason for it being under arrest for over a century and there is hardly any reason for which people are not willing to let go of the chains.

The reason for the tree arrest seems to be really crazy and bizarre, but we wonder why did they even think of taking such a drastic step of holding a tree under arrest!

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Where Did This Happen?

It happened in Pakistan's Landi Kotal army cantonment area. The tree was chained to prevent it from moving! What, really?? Seriously??


It Has Been Chained Since 1898

The tree was put under arrest more than a century ago by a British officer named James Squid.

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Why Did He Take This Step?

When he was under the influence of alcohol, he thought that the tree was lurching towards him and hence demanded that the tree should be chained.


The Punishment Was...

According to the officer, he wanted to punish the offender (tree), hence, he decided on chaining it as a punishment for moving from its place, the British officer ordered the mess sergeant to arrest the tree!!

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The Ridiculous Part...

Even to this day, the tree stands chained with a signboard that is hanging from its branches which reads, "I am under arrest". *Sigh* Poor tree!

If you have any comments or opinions on this, then do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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