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Drunk Man Threw Up A Tumour And Swallowed It Back In Fear

Getting drunk and not remembering on what is happening around can be dangerous. But what happens when you get drunk and do something disgusting outta fear?

Well, that is exactly what this man did! He coughed up a tumour while he was puking and he gulped it back!

Check out the entire scenario...


The Incident Happened In China

This is the bizarre case of a 63-year-old man who hails from Hubei, China. The man had been feeling discomfort in his throat for some time. He apparently felt the pain when he swallowed some solid food. However, the man did not pay much attention to his condition as he thought it was normal and didn't seek medical attention.


He Got Super Drunk One Day

He got super drunk on one fine evening and realised that he was feeling pukish. The man was still in his senses when he puked until he got a surprise.


He Found A Meatball In His Puke

While he was puking, the man felt a sudden sharp pain in his throat. In no time he saw a meatball-like structure in his mouth. He assumed that he had vomited a part of his body out, hence he took no time to quickly gulp some water down and he swallowed the ‘meatball' looking structure back.


It Was Discovered To Be A Tumour

When the doctors discovered that the meatball-like structure that the man had swallowed back was actually a tumour that was growing at the top part of the man's oesophagus. The medics revealed that the tumour had apparently grown all the way to the throat and it had even risked blocking the airway.

The medics operated him and he was discharged later from the hospital. The man is making full recovery after this bizarre incident.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 17:00 [IST]
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