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Did You Know That Your Financial Status Affects Your Sleep?

By working 24/7 to fulfil commitments and due to various other factors, humans seem to have given up their sleep to achieve their needs and goals.

Here in this article, we are sharing the details of a research which revealed that one of the main reasons behind people losing their sleep is their financial status.

Check out the details below.

According to research, about 56% of the individuals who are aged 18 and above tend to lose their sleep over money issues. The people who were a part of this research confessed that everyday expenses have been one of the biggest stress factors. People of this age are mainly worried about the everyday expenses that they have or about the saving for their retirement and even healthcare.

It was also found that the middle-aged individuals whose age range is between 39-54 are the ones who lose their sleep the most. As per the research, one of the main worries of the individuals include the ability to pay for their mortgage bills and the monthly rent apart from several other factors.

It is found out that the millennials whose age ranges between 23-38 are ranked as the second-highest group of individuals who suffer from insomnia due to money issues. Millennials were found to be mainly worried about saving money for retirement while a few of them even pointed out that housing costs and huge credit card debts made them lose sleep as well!

On the other hand, about 54% of the baby boomers whose age ranges between 55-73 years confessed that they could not sleep due to money-related stress as well. While some of them revealed that they were worried about everyday expenses, about 25% revealed that they would often stress over their retirement savings, healthcare, and insurance bills and a lot more!

Story first published: Thursday, July 11, 2019, 17:38 [IST]
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