People Who Have Strange Sex Organs!

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The world is filled with different types of species, and humans are the most advanced in them, as we all know. In the process of evolution, some people have been born with weird sex organs! Confused?

In this article, we are sharing some interesting information about the strangest sex organs that people have!

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These are the organs that have generally left these poor people embarrassed, as this is something that does not happen to many!

Check out the list of strange sex organs that people possess and how they are continuing to lead their daily lives.

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A Man Who Had A Decade-Long Erection!

A man (name withheld) had a decade-long erection after his penile implant surgery went wrong. Apparently, he underwent the surgery to treat his impotency. He could no longer ride a bike or do any other regular activities like before!


The Woman With 2 Vaginas!

This sounds crazy! But a woman named ‘Hazel Jones' had two sets of sex organs! She apparently had two vaginas, two uteruses and four ovaries! Her condition is known as "uterus didelphys" and doctors claim it is exceedingly rare.
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The Woman Who Can't Stop Orgasming

This woman suffers from ‘Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome (PGAS)'. It is a rare disorder that makes sufferers sexually aroused. Reports claim that she has been known to orgasm up to 500 times a day. Crazy isn't it?
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A Man With Two Penises

This condition is known as "diphallia." A man became vocal about his two fully-functioning penises on a social site where he shared the real pictures of his male part and he also released a book that offered even a deeper insight into his sex life!


The Man With Largest Scrotum

This man named Wesley Warren Jr was known to have the largest scrotum and tried his hand on getting attention from the sympathetic donors, but unfortunately he failed, as he was not able to raise enough funds for his surgery to remove his 160-pound scrotum! A doctor apparently offered to perform the surgery free of charge. But as fate had it, he died that very year due to complications related to diabetes.
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