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Penises Are Twice As Long As You Think They Are!

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The thought of reading on the crazy facts about penis would excite anyone, no doubt. But, the second thought that one would reckon is to see a man scratch his crotch, which can be quite annoying and disgusting.

The sight of men doing that can give women sore eyes! Not exaggerating, but yes women do get annoyed!

No matter how many times you give your partner that scary look and ask them to stop touching themselves in public, it is something women are so tired of telling the same. Yet men do this act unknowingly at times, as they are so used to it!

Well, all this is because men shy away from discussing about their penal problems in general and these shocking penis facts are something that the women do not understand.

We're here to share some of the interesting and must know facts about penises that everyone should know about.

Find out some of the crazy, interesting facts about penis that most girls would not know of. Come on ladies, you got to understand your men now!


Penises Are Twice As Long As You Think They Are!

Do you know that half of a man's penis is actually inside of his body? Well, yeah nothing new. But the catch is, their tool is shaped as a boomerang when it is all set to get some action!


One Testicle Hangs Lower Than The Other

Okay! This is common sense. The testicles are not placed at the same level because when they get rubbed against each other, it can cause friction.


Germany Is The Country For Penis Enlargement!

Hell, yeah! Men in Germany get the most penis enlargement procedures done in the world! About 18% of all penis enlargement procedures in the world are done in Germany. The runners-up countries are Venezuela, Spain and Mexico.


Intercourse Lasts For 2.50 Minutes Only!

Whoever claimed that they lasted for hours or even minutes should have been very happy about their sex life, as generally, on an average, an intercourse lasts only 2 minutes and 50 seconds!


11 Erections Per 24-Hour Period!

On an average, a man gets 11 erections per 24-hour period. 9 out of 11 erections happen during the night! Okay! Do not get excited if you find a bulge in his pant, while he is not excited!


Diet Affects The Taste Of Semen

Holy Lord! This text implies to those who are really keen on getting tasty semen. A little secret: if a man needs to have tasty semen, he should avoid dairy products and red meat, as it makes the semen taste sour!

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