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Artificial Frogs For Dissection? Ask Medical Students In Florida!
JW Mitchell High School in Florida, US has set an example by replacing live frogs with synthetic frogs to help students in dissecting and studying the amphibian. This initiative will help students in studying biology without harming any live animal. This ...
Medical Students At Florida School Uses Artificial Frogs For Dissection
The Connection Between Ayurveda And Yoga Explained!
Many believe that Ayurveda and yoga are two sister practices that originated in India thousands of years ago . Although many follow yogic postures, breathwork, etc., they still do not know yoga's connection with Ayurveda. Going by what experts say, ...
Woman Had Bees Living In Her Eye!
Note: The images in this article can leave some of the viewers disturbed. So, go ahead with the story and details only if you have a strong heart. Worms infesting the human bodies is not a strange phenomenon. Many such cases ...
Disgusting Case Of Live Bees Found In Woman S Eye
World's Largest Bee Rediscovered In Indonesia
The world's largest bee which was believed to have been extinct has been found again, nearly 40 years after it was last seen. The bee named ‘Megachile pluto' which is commonly known as the Wallace's giant bee, was last seen in ...
Ever Wondered How Long A Day Is On Saturn?
A Study about space is a vast subject that humans have been continuously working on. From exploring the planets around us to learning about the span of each day on other planets has been a subject of constant research. According to ...
Scientists Finally Know How Long A Day Is On Saturn
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