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Humans And Birds Are Blind In This Village Of India
Many ecological and environmental factors can cause various health issues in living things. From different living species of animals becoming extinct to a few undergoing changes in their breeds, a lot of things get affected. Here is one such place which ...
Story Of Indian Village Where Humans And Birds Are Turning Blind

Only 5% Of The World's Population Have These Body Parts
Having an extra finger can make you feel like a special person and there are those individuals who fall into this category as these people have rare body features. Here, in this article, we are revealing to you the details of ...
UFO Captured In A Stunning Sunset Time-lapse Video
The mystery of UFOs being spotted has always been a dark theory as even though many unknown flying objects are being spotted, there is very little clarity that we have about them. Here in this video, we are sharing the ...
New Research Suggests Straight People Don’t Exist
Do you think you are a straight individual regarding expressing your emotions? Alternatively, are you confused about your own identity, unless you are oddly exposed to these emotions? Well, we are here to share the research details that reveal that humans ...
Research Suggests Straight People Don T Exist
This Girl Might Be The First Person To Go To Mars
With science progressing so much, you can expect humans to invade other planets and explore them at a cost. Moreover, this does not seem to be way too far. With minerals and traces of water being tracked on the surface of ...
How Will Humans React If We Discover Alien Life?
Can you imagine what would happen if humans discovered aliens in real life? Are we alone in this vast universe, or is life infinitely diverse throughout the universe? Well according to science, there are over 100 billion galaxies, and there are ...
How Would Humanity React If We Found Aliens
A Giant Asteroid 2010 WC9 Passed The Earth Today!
A lost asteroid about the size of a football pitch flew past the earth tonight. Its speed was estimated to be 28,655 miles per hour and left without any problem, as was considered a safe passing distance from Earth. It is ...
Nasa Asteroid 2010 Wc9 Flew By Earth On May 15th
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