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Creepiest Things That Have Happen At Funeral Homes

There is a lot that can creep out many of those who work at funeral homes. This is a place where you are surrounded by grief. The people you interact with have death on their mind. And that is a tough environment to be in.

Creepiest Things That Have Happen At Funeral Homes

Check out for some of the creepiest experiences that the employees of funeral homes have faced. These are the confessions that can simply creep you out and give you nightmares for nights.

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Read on further to know more on these creepy cases.

When The Corpse Decided To Sit!

A new employee who was assigned to take care of the mortuary in the night had the worst experience in his life, when he heard a creepy sound in the background, and when he turned behind, all that he saw was a fresh corpse that was kept in the mortuary which suddenly decided to sit. We bet, he soiled his pants that day!

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The Final Grip!

A medical technician who was working on a fresh body was shaving the arms and legs of the corpse as a practice of preparing a corpse for tissue recovery. As the rigor mortis had not set in completely, the technician had a creepy experience when the donor's fingers slowly curled around the technician's hand. It seems like it was the dead body's final attempt at holding a hand!

The Moans Of The Dead!

Unexpected noises can be scary, especially when it's coming from something that shouldn't be making any noise at all. When air passes through the vocal cords, you can hear the dead bodies making a noise and this is surely creepy, especially when you're moving a corpse and it moans, groans and gurgles; don't fret.

When The Body Was Leaking!

A body that was being taken for the funeral started leaking in all possible ways and the parlour employee who works for the funerals had to wrap the body in all plastic trash covers and then dress the body, as they did not want the relatives to see the mess and faint at the scene!

When The Lights Flickered

A nurse confessed that the one time she ever sees the lights flicker is when a new body is brought down to the morgue. The rest of the time, she says, the lights are fine. This happens every time a new body is brought in! Guess that is a welcome gesture of the spirits!

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