Disgusting Mother Who Was Caught Eating Her Baby's Flesh!

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When a woman becomes a mother, there is no better feeling in this world for her. Love, affection and patience become a part of her everyday life. But what happens if a mother is a drug addict or an alcoholic?

Things don't remain the same when a person becomes an addict. They become insane and lose their control over their mind and this is what happened to this Indian lady as well!

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This is the shocking true case of an alcoholic mother who was found eating the flesh of her own child, who was still alive and screaming in pain.

Check out the story of this disgusting mother and what made her do this to her own child and the consequences she faced for this crime.


Who Is She?

She is a 40-year-old mother named 'Pramila Mondal'. She is a resident of a town in Gopalpur, India.


What Did She Do?

She was found slicing and eating the scalp of her own child when the kid was screaming in pain and a relative entered the house to check on why the child was crying so much.


Her Brother-in-Law Saved The Little Kid

When the woman's brother-in-law entered the house, when he heard the screams of the little kid, he was horrified to see the woman slice up the child's scalp and eat the flesh of her own child, while the kid was screaming in pain. He snatched the kid and rushed her to the hospital.


The Villagers Trashed Her

When the villagers heard what the disgusting mother did to her child, they dragged her out and tied her to a tree and beat her black and blue. She was saved by the police.

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What Made Her Do This Disgusting Act?

Though we have heard stories of people turning zombies while they are high on drugs; this is quite a shocking case where the woman was known to be just an alcoholic. There is no excuse for what this woman has done and her insanity has come with a big price, as she has to appear in court for this crime of hers.

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