Girl Who Livestreamed Her Death On Social Media For This Reason

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Being a youngster generally means there are less tensions and a stress-free life. Unfortunately, this does not happen to all, as there are a few kids out there who are burdened with different pressures from the society.

One such case is of a young 12-year-old girl, who apparently committed suicide after she was sexually abused by her step dad!

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Though the video has been removed from the social site, it is said that it is still being spread across like wild fire.

The young girl who committed suicide actually questions the world and her questions surely are the ones that no one can have answers to, and it would haunt a person.

Check out on what happened to this young girl.


Who Was She?

She was Katelyn Nicole Davis, 12 years, of Cedartown, Georgia. She put up a livestream video of hers on her Facebook account while she killed herself and her friends watched the video in horror.


She Had Confessed About The Abuse

She had told the viewers that she had been sexually abused before hanging herself in her yard. She had captured the tree on which she had decided to end her life!


She Was Pronounced Dead!

Even though the police tried to reach her home on time and tried to save her, they could not, as she succumbed to it. Sad that a young soul was lost.

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The Video Went Viral

The death video of her went viral where she confronted on how she was abused by her step dad. The world went furious and shared the video on various other social forums. The police claimed that they could not stop the video from being circulated, as it had been shared on various forums. However, the video has now been removed from all sites.

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