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This Model Got 25 Surgeries Done In 9 Years & There Is No Stopping Her!

If a person determines to get a perfect look, then he/she can go to any extremes to get the perfect look in today's world. Going under the knife is the most common thing that almost every model goes through, while he/she wants to look perfect and be noticed.

A model named Aleira Avendaño has undergone 25 surgeries to look perfect, according to her, and her surgery has not been an easy task, as she has become infertile due to these many excessive surgeries done on her.

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Check out to know more about Aleira Avendaño who has undergone an unbelievable number of 25 surgeries in the span of just 9 years to get that perfect 'guitar' figure.


She Underwent Her First Surgery At The Age Of 18!

She underwent her first surgery while she was just 18 and it was a breast enlargement surgery. Since then she feels that her surgery addiction is nothing less than a drug, as she enjoys chasing the rush of the procedures that she goes through.

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This Is What She Felt After Her First Surgery

When she was asked on how she felt about her surgeries, she revealed, "When you have your first operation it's like, "Wow!", but after a while, when you've changed your implants a few times, you feel like nothing has changed. So you go after more extreme changes."

It Was Not Surgeries Alone…

To get her perfect figure, she not only went through numerous surgeries, but also wore a corset for 23 hours, every single day, for 7 long years. She did this crazy thing to get the perfect 20-inches waist to accentuate her curves!

Her List Of Surgeries Include…

She has had more than 25 surgeries that include four breast implant surgeries, six liposuctions, four bottom injections, three nose jobs and all her teeth knocked out and replaced with false ones.

She Has Also Got Done These…

Apart from all these surgeries, she has also had a forehead-lift to achieve her arched eyebrows, neck elongation, liposuction and even has had her teeth pulled out and replaced with dentures to give her that perfect smile.

She Has So Many Followers…

The Venezuelan's enormous bosoms, tiny waist and gigantic bottom have garnered her an online fan following of more than 80,000 Instagram admirers who constantly write to her, praising her looks. Not to forget, there are those too who are just not happy with the way she looks!

Her Mantra On Life!

"Every woman should have plastic surgery done to be truly beautiful."

We wonder how many people wish to follow her mantra!
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Story first published: Monday, July 17, 2017, 14:42 [IST]
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