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WTF! This Mum Injected Her Son With Poop!

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This might be one of the most bizarre things that you would have ever heard of! A mother has been accused of injecting her son with his own faecal matter.

WTF! This Mum Injected Her Son With Poop!

Check out this most disgusting and disturbing case of this insane mother. Wonder what made her do this? Read on to find out!

This is a case that happened in Indianapolis, where a 15-year-old boy had been diagnosed with leukaemia and was undergoing chemotherapy at Riley's Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

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Though the boy had undergone treatment, he was admitted again due to severe diarrhoea, fever and vomiting!

Tiffany Alberts, the mother was accused of injecting the faecal matter to the poor kid. Initially, the doctors were confused on the medical condition of the boy.


The blood test revealed the presence of microbes, related to faeces, in the teenager's bloodstream. This confused the doctors who installed monitors in his room to check the happenings in the room.

During the examination of the video camera present in the room, the hospital staff got a shock when they saw the mother inject something in the veins of the boy, multiple times in a week's time.


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When the woman was confronted, she claimed to have injected water into her son to "flush" the line, in order to reduce the burning sensation that the medicine gave him.

injected water

Later, she confessed that she had hidden a bag with the faeces of the boy and injected him faeces several times during the day!

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Apparently, she did all this because she wanted her son to be removed from Riley and get admitted to another hospital for better treatment! How disgusting!!


She has been ordered to refrain herself from any contact with her son and has been charged with a $80,000 bond.

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