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Brazilian Player Who Found Out He Would Be Dad, Just Moments Before His Death

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The world was shocked when the news broke out that the plane carrying the entire Brazilian soccer team along with other members had crashed, while they were on their way for a tournament.


This incident has affected many lives of fans and family members who are still under a great shock.


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Here, in this article, we are about to share the last video of a player named "Tiago da Rocha", who found out that he would become a dad soon.

Tiago seems to be sitting on the floor and is busy with his phone while his colleagues hand over him a bag that contained the good news!


This video was shot a week before the accident happened. Little did one know that these would be the last moments that would be captured of the player.


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How we wish that the tragedy had not striked at all and these guys would still be alive.

We bet you would have teary eyes while you watch this video.

Our condolences and prayers to the entire nation and to the family members of these players.

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