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How Testosterone Transformed A Transgender Guy

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A transgender man had been taking selfies for the past 3 years and the end result will simply amaze you!

Check out on what a testosterone can do to the human body, especially when people take it in the long run!

Testosterone Transformed This Trans-Guy

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A video at the end of the article shows the transition of this transgender guy and it is simply mind boggling!

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Check out the experience of this person for 3 long years!


Who Is He?

Jamie Raines is just 22 years old and he decided to start the testosterone therapy at the age of 18 years. This was done to get a more masculine appearance, voice and body.


He Decided To Document His Change!

When he started using testosterone, he decided to document his change! We must say, this was a good decision!


He Intended To Do It Yearly!

We're glad that he did not stick to this, as these images capture the most minute details or changes that have happened in his appearance.


There Were Hardly Any Changes Initially

Though he decided on taking a single selfie every day, he could hardly notice any facial hair. This disappointed him.


No Facial Hair For A Year!

It took more than a year for him to develop any facial hair and this did depress him to some extent!


Subtle Changes Noticed

Initially, the changes in his appearance were subtle, so you could hardly see much difference.


He Kept His Cool

He started to look more and more cool, therefore looking more like "The Fonz".


Flipbook Look

With the repeating shirts, one could easily make a flipbook out of his images and his transition!


Put Me In Couch!

Here, he looks more like he's ready to take charge of the field!


Boy Next Door!

Doesn't he look adorable with his tossed hairdo? Damn, he looks so much like a boy next door.


Gearing Up Faster

Looks like he is gearing up to take girls out for a date, as the changes seem to start becoming obvious!


Masculine Features Forming

Now, he has started looking more masculine with his features getting more prominent.


Feels Better

This look is melting hearts, as his facial hair is just around the corner. His transition is really amazing, we must say!


Transitioning Really Well!

Doesn't he look hot now? Though all his facial hair has not yet grown completely, it still is making him look hot!!


Ready To Throw Down?

Well, looks like he cannot hide his happiness with this amazing transition that he is going through!


Finally, Hair Has Arrived!

Woah! Finally this hottie gets to flaunt his facial hair.


Growing Hair Has Never Been So Much Fun!

We bet, there would hardly be any person on this earth who would be this happy to grow a beard and this is something that he has been longing for since years.


There He Is!

Finally, he looks like a perfect gentleman and who could say he was a transgender before??


Image Courtesy: Youtube

Check out his transition in the video below.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 6, 2016, 18:47 [IST]
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