Bizarre Stories Of Breast Implants

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There are many surgeries and implants women try these days to look beautiful. One of the oldest methods is breast implants! Though the procedure is successful mostly, it is still not accurate, as there have been many failures as well.


Bizarre Stories Of Breast Implants

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Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most bizarre stories about breast implants. Some of these stories may tickle your funny bone for sure, as they can seem totally unbelievable and hilarious.

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Read on to know more about such interesting yet bizarre stories about breast implants.


A Snake Died!

Did you know that a snake died of silicone poisoning after it bit the boob of a model who had undergone breast implants? Model Orit Fox had unwittingly killed a snake after it bit her silicone boob during a show. There was no major injury caused to her. Apparently, this news was just a hoax!


Forever Closer To The Heart!

In this bizarre story, a woman got her dead husband's ashes sewn into her breast implants, as she wanted him to stay close to her forever! Apparently, her husband had died in a road accident.


A Booby Offer!

A candidate for Venezuela's National Assembly was running short of cash for his campaigning. The witty candidate planned to raffle off a set of breast implants to raise money. He did get enough money after that, as breasts implants are quite famous there!


The Implants Saved Her Life!

A woman has been lucky enough to survive a bullet attack, as the bullet was just a few millimeters away from her vital organs! Note: This does not mean that the implants act as a bullet proof all the time!


A Surgeon Published Naked Pics Of Patients Who Did Not Pay!

A German surgeon had to publish the images of the patients who had not paid his bills. All this to make the work easy for the police to recognise con women who get their job done and do not pay the doctor. Apparently, the women had registered themselves with fake names, which made it difficult to identify them.


A Woman's Boobs Exploded In A Flight!

A woman who had F-cup sized implants had an awkward situation when her boob exploded in a flight! Currently, she has got the implants removed and the doctors have warned her of the consequences of further breast augmentation.

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