Legal Rights Every Indian Woman Should Know

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There are many laws in the Indian constituency, but how many of us know the basic laws that are there? Being Indians, do we even realise the basic legal rights that women have in the nation?

legal laws for women

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the legal rights that every Indian woman should know about and is entitled to.

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These are the rights that most of the women are not even aware of. Learning about these rights can help the women in crucial times.

With the current state of affairs, it is extremely essential for us to be ever vigilant and aware of these rights and duties that the constituency has specially framed for the women.

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Check them out and make sure you remember them...


Law #1

A woman cannot be called to the police station for interrogation under the section 160 of the criminal procedure code. The police should interrogate the woman in presence of a woman constable and family members or friends.


Law #2

According to a Supreme Court Law, a woman cannot be arrested after sunset or before sunrise; and if she has to be arrested, then it has to be done with the special permission from the magistrate.


Law #3

A zero FIR can be lodged at any police station, so the cops cannot turn you away! If you're wondering what a "Zero FIR" is, it means that an FIR can be filed at any police station, irrespective of its jurisdiction to receive a complaint.


Law #4

The police cannot refuse to register an FIR even if a considerable period of time has elapsed since the incident of rape/molestation. So, one does not have to think it's too late to report the matter.


Law #5

A woman has the right to privacy while recording a statement. It is provided under section 164 of the criminal procedure code. The victim need not have to record her statement in presence of others and can do so in privacy to not make her feel uncomfortable.


Law #6

Women are entitled to free legal aid in case of rape! When a rape has been reported, the Station House Officer has to bring this to the notice of the State Legal Service Authorities who would arrange a lawyer for the victim. (How many of us know this?)


Law #7

A rape survivor is entitled to approach a doctor for a medical examination, even without filing an FIR. It is mandatory for private and public hospitals to give first aid to the victim, even before informing the police.

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