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Man Who Married A Cobra!

A Thai man believes that a white cobra resembles his dead girlfriend! And guess what he did with it? He married the snake! Yes, now we know this sounds bizarre, but this story is awfully interesting too.

Check out this unique case of a man marrying a cobra, and he did this because he was following Buddhism, in which people believe that the dead are reincarnated in the form of animals and reptiles.

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When this unidentified man saw the snake for the first time, he felt a deep connection with it, as the snake resembled his once-upon-a-time dead girlfriend (that sounds highly weird!).

This newly wed couple do things just like how a regular couple does! They watch movies together, feed ducks together (hope the snake doesn't harm the ducks), play games (we wonder how!), go to the gym (woah!!, how, how can a snake exercise?) and do lots of other things as well.

Though many people have warned him about the serious dangers he would have to face for having a pet that close, this unidentified man does not care and hence wishes to continue loving his beloved partner!

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Currently, this man is called "the man living with the snake" and many people flock to his place to visit this unique couple!

After knowing his story, we can only say that "true love is true love", but again, it makes us wonder is it really that true and that too to this extent?

Well, do share your thoughts and opinions on this bizarre story at the comment section below.

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