Why Do ATMS Have Convex Mirror?

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Have you ever wondered why ATMs have a convex mirror placed at the area where you would withdraw cash? Is there any purpose for it? Here, we are about to reveal the actual reason for the convex mirror to be placed there.

Why Do ATMS Have Convex Mirror?

When most of us visit an ATM, we tend to be a little extra-cautious about others visiting or overlooking at our password or other details. In all this hurry, we often ignore the functioning of the convex mirror that is placed right in front of the ATM machine.

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Well, the functioning of this convex mirror is to get a wider background look. This is to avoid any thief from overlooking at your password. So, the next time you visit an ATM, you can make sure that you have a good look of your background before you withdraw cash.

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Apart from this, let's also check out some of the most interesting facts about ATMs...


What Does ATM Stand For?

ATM means Automated Teller Machine, and there are over 3 million cash machines that are installed around the world (still counting).


When Was The First ATM Installed?

The first ATM was installed in Enfield Town, London, in the year 1967. Isn't it amazing as to how long it has been since it has evolved?


Why Do They Have Only 4 Digit Pins?

The man who created ATM machines was suffering from "Dyscalculia", which made him remember only 4 numbers in a single shot. This is the reason why ATMs come with a 4-digit pin.


ATM's In Brazil Are Different

People in Brazil use a different designed ATM, in which they do not have to fill in their pin password. Instead, they use their fingerprints and biometrics to draw cash! Now, how cool is that!


When Was an ATM First Launched In India?

It was launched in 1986! And it was installed in a bank in Mumbai. We're sure it must have been a proud moment for the Indians!


What Happens When An ATM Is Stolen?

All the ATMs come with a built-in GPS system that enables the bank to locate the location of the machine. Hence, the robbers cannot run far away!

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Story first published: Monday, November 14, 2016, 19:02 [IST]
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