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Have You Heard About Ecosexuals?

We all have heard of metrosexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals and many more terms. However, being an ecosexual is the latest trend that many people seem to be following.

Who are ecosexuals? What do ecosexuals define? What does ecosexuality mean? Why do people become ecosexuals? Well, all your questions will be answered here...

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In this article, we've shared information on this latest trend of ecosexuality. Find out all the details about being ecosexuals and ecosexuality.

Being an ecosexual is a growing trend that is followed by some of the environmentalists in Australia and Sydney. They believe that they can have sex with trees and mother nature and thereby help save our nature.

People who are ecosexuals make love to trees and even have orgasms on soil. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is! But the belief behind doing this is something that is quite interesting...

People use sustainable sex products, or enjoy skinny dipping and naked hiking, as they simply enjoy the nature.

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Though the term ecosexual has been there since the year 2000, it has only gained its popularity in the past two years. And according to the Google search data, it confirms that interest in this term has spiked dramatically of late.

All this absurd and weird reason as to why this trend started off in the first place is because people believe that if you want something, you must save it, and in order to save it, you should love it. And guess this is their way of showing to the world about what they love.

We wonder how many would really follow this upcoming trend?

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