Facts About Kinnars That Will Blow Your Mind

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Kinnars are just "Normal people!" They eat the same food, breathe the same air and sleep just the way we all do. There are some facts about kinnars that we need to know about.

Facts About Kinnar's That Will Shock You

If you are wondering who are kinnars, they are also known as "Hijras". They are the people whom you would see in the signal demanding cash from people.

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The initial approach of them is scary due to the loud makeup that they usually have. But, we need to realise that they are humans too. To know them better we need to know certain things about them.

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So find out more details about kinnars and know them in a better way...


When They Have A New Addition

Every time a new Kinnar joins the group, there is a lot of celebration that is followed with alot of dance and music along with performing certain rituals.


The God Of Kinnars

The God of kinnars is called Iravan or Aravan. Each year, they celebrate a festival by re-enacting the marriage of Aravan. They mourn his death the next day.


Death Is A Secret

When a Kinnar dies, they are taken to a secretive place and the final rituals are performed in secrecy. People never get to know when a Kinnar dies.


Mahabharata Connection

Shikhandi, who was a Kinnar, had helped Arjun to successfully defeat Bhishma Pitama in Mahabharata. Hence, known to play a very important role in Mahabharata.


History Says…

According to Mahabharata, it is believed that Pandavas had to spend a year in disguise and Arjuna had also disguised himself as a Kinnar, hence they hold an important position in the puranas.

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