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Ever Wondered Why Airplanes Are White In Colour?

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Travelling has become an easy mode of connecting to people around the world. All that one needs to do is just book tickets and fly to a new place in either minutes or just few hours. This has been the tremendous power of Air transport.

With this amazing technology and the number of planes that we see flying makes us wonder how smoothly Department of Transportation's aviation industry works!

But everything apart, have you ever wondered why are airplanes white in colour?

Well, there are few practical reasons to explain you this undiscovered and interesting fact. This is something that would totally amaze you as why the aeroplanes are white in colour.

We sure this is something that you would not have thought of. Find out about the reasons as to why airplanes are mostly white in colour...


Less Operational Cost

The more colours that are used to paint an airplane tends to be more costly for the operations as painting a plane can cost you easily around $50k to $200k!


Thermal Advantages

White as a colour has extreme thermal advantages. Research claims that different colours absorb more wavelengths of light and it makes the object warmer soon. So why take the pain of painting it and suffering!


Great Visibility

White is a colour that can be easily spotted in the sky as well as on the ground. Be it any corrosion, cracks or even fissures all these be easily spotted on a plane which is white in colour!


Resale Value Is Best

White colour is more economical when it comes to selling off the planes as the owners have to do is just repaint the airplane and sell it.


Lease Terms And Conditions Advantage

Most of the airplanes are generally leased by the airlines as majority of the airline companies don't own any aircraft. They are often leased from big plane leasing companies, hence it is easy to lease a standard white airplane and change its logo than rework on it.

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