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Shocking Facts About Blood Donation In India

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Accidents are so common these days that we read about them happening almost every day. Some are minor ones and a few are really severe. These victims may require blood to be transfused by a donor. So, is blood donation really safe?

Do you realise how important it is for every person to go in for blood donations at least once in a year? Especially when they are hale and healthy?

Well, donating blood saves many lives and having donation camps in colleges and offices has become a regular thing. However, do you think blood donation really works?

There are many pros and cons that you need to think of before donating blood.

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the most disgusting and nasty revelations of what exactly happens in a blood donation camp.

Though these camps are supposed to be sterile and safe, there are cases of people claiming that they've got infected with HIV or any dangerous disease.

So, find out more about the shocking facts of blood donations in India.


Fact #1

Do you know that people at blood donation camps extract plasma out of donated blood and sell it to pharma companies to make huge profits? Now, this is called sheer business ideas!


Fact #2

There is a huge shortage of blood in spite of blood donation drives every other month. Black market transactions and poor storage facilities add up for the rest.


Fact #3

Though you make sure you donate your blood for free, people in these camps will make the most benefit out of it, as the blood is usually sold illegally to people who can pay more for it.


Fact #4

Selling blood is illegal and so is getting money for donating. However, still there are a few crooks out there that pay the donors for donating their blood. These are the illegal camps that are used to earn crores of rupees.


Fact #5

No matter how forward we grow as Indians, there are a few spoilt people out there who are still sceptical of getting blood from lower or scheduled class of people. Disgusting!!


Fact #6

There are illegal blood camps where poor people are forced to give blood for money. This is something that has been happening around us and people have chosen to turn a blind eye to it.


Fact #7

Do you know that the illegal blood industry is worth 300 crore rupees!! You bet, this industry is growing big with every passing day.


Fact #8

Though some blood transfusions happen directly, that is, from patient to patient, it is rare, as donation camps are not very well equipped. Is blood donation safe at such places? Well, these transfusions are done even without anyone testing the blood samples.


Fact #9

This fact might shock you, but it is a common practice as the camps adulterate the blood concentration with water and saline solution!! This is a nasty revelation of what happens at blood donation camps.


Fact #10

Umbilical cord blood scam is the latest scam where you would find even celebrities promoting it, without knowing the actual fact. We say it is a scam because stem cell treatments are still not proven! Give it a serious thought, guys.

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Story first published: Friday, September 9, 2016, 16:39 [IST]
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